iCloud ID Info. (NAME+NUMBER) H3G & Vodafone - ITALY



Service Provides Name + Number only. (Email address if found)

This service working by ICCID so please first check full gsx info. and if ICCID Supported you can submit your order

Supported ICCID:
893910.......is Vodafone
893999.......is H3G

Please carefully check your iPhone ICCID by GSX after that submit your order
Note: There is no any refund if imei not from ITALY Networks as Supplier policy, so please take care of it, Thanks

Example this is vodafone but not same ICCID:
PartDescription:iPhone 6s Plus IMEI:353332076358837
SerialNumber:F2LR859VGRWV ProductVersion:11.2.5 ICCID:8939883341003848034 MAC
Address:80ED2C21B011 Initia lActivation Policy ID:27 Initial Activation Policy Details:Italy Vodafone Unlocked Policy
Applied ActivationPolicy ID:27 Applied Activation Details:Italy Vodafone Unlocked Policy
Next Tether Policy ID:27 Next Tether Policy Details:Italy Vodafone Unlocked Policy
Unbricked:false First Unbrick Date:3/6/16 Unlocked:true Unlock Date:3/6/16

24-72 Hours

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